1878 Julius Graumann was born as the youngest son of the jewish banker Gerson Graumann and his wife Marie in Fuerth.
1898 -1906 Study at the academy of fine arts in Munich under Karl von Marr.
1902 Own studio in Munich
1907 Julius Graumann and his friend Adolf Kertz found a school of arts in Munich, Amalienstrasse 72.
1914 Portrait sessions of King Ludwig III. in his studio in the Ainmillerstrasse 13/IV. In the following years exhibitions in Mannheim, Munich, Leipzig and Nurnberg took place.
1933 Escape into Switzerland
1934 Escape to Paris (4 rue Jules Chaplein, Maison "Les Hortensias")
1940 Escape to Toulouse
1944 25. May internment to camp Drancy near Paris
  30. May deportation to Auschwitz
  2. June arrival at Auschwitz, death in gas-chambers